Emotions have evolved to guide awareness towards health and well-being.

Public Health Awareness Announcement: Current Psychological and Psychiatric Emotional Theory Can Be Harmful to Your Health, Prosperity, and Well-Being and Weaken Natural Biological Defenses Against COVID-19

“Find a Better Feeling Thought”*: A person dwelling upon the presence of that which is wanted triggers a healthy biochemical/physiological condition within the brain and body which activates a HEALTHY emotionally positive neural network.  A person dwelling upon the lack of that which is wanted triggers an unhealthy biochemical/physiological condition within the brain and body which activates a UNHEALTHY emotionally negative neural network.

Using emotions to guide cognitive activities: Emotional Guidance Theory and Process Flow Chart.PDF (new tab)

Emotions as used in science are both causal to biological change and the effect of biological change.   This is not science.  One word, emotions, cannot be defined as both the cause of neurological and biological change and the perceptual awareness of said same neurological and biological change.

Symbiotic Psychology defines emotions as a perceived effect of neurological and biological changes precipitated by cognitive processing activities of the mind.

Somewhere, sometime, somehow, academia must find some common ground.  Since I began voicing my concerns over psychological and pharmaceutical therapeutic methodologies erroneously based within causal aberrant and destructive emotions, over a million (MILLION) Americans have committed suicide, millions of other people have been put in incarcerating conditions that only amplify their psychological injuries, and mass shootings continue with no review of the psychological environments that are oblivious to emotions’ evolutionary design and that are fostering all of these atrocities.  Lack of true academic questioning and review of psychological and pharmaceutical emotional theory is a true crime against humanity.

“Captain” Andrew Jackson 2nd in command, at the helm with “First Mate” Barbie Jackson in charge, at the fore on the jib, racing their E-Scow with crew Peggy and Charlie. Andrew at 66 is the youngest and Barbie at 71 is the oldest of team Avanti. (photo courtesy of Tim Stanton)

The “science” of emotional regulation kept me imprisoned in a living hell for nearly twenty years.  The “logic” of cognitive regulation through emotional guidance set me free.   Emotions and feelings have evolved as a fantastic and wonderful personal bio-feedback system where emotions work in a symbiotic harmony with mind, body, and consciousness for the health, wealth, and well-being of the individual.

Rather than demonizing emotions as aberrant, destructive, out-of-control and in need of regulation because of an emotional disorder, Symbiotic Psychology understands emotions as an evolved sensory system, akin to the sense of pain, giving conscious feedback of a state of biochemical physiology.  Emotions, instead of being regulated by cognitive behavior, are used to guide cognitive behavior for the health, well-being, and prosperity of the individual

Symbiotic Psychology: The Synergy Between Mind, Body, Emotions, and Consciousness.PDF

Andrew Jackson

* I first heard the phrase “emotional guidance” from Jerry and Esther Hicks; Hicks, J & Hicks, E (2006). The Law of Attraction. Carlsbad, CA: Hay House, Inc.